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Meet Thomas

My name is Thomas Björge and I am a Classic and New Code NLP trainer.

I became interested in NLP in the eighties and went to California to become a practitioner at a course with Dr. John Grinder (one of the two major co-founders of the field). This course laid the foundation for a lifelong interest in NLP.

At the time I had studied psychology at the University of Stockholm, however I found NLP far superior in the sense that it provided its students with practical useful tools and processes. I also have a background in philosophy and was delighted to find a psychology which had an explicit understanding of epistemology – how we create our experience and understanding of the world.

I went back to California the following year to become a master practitioner at one of Dr John Grinder’s trainings, and also to partake in a short course on how to teach NLP. The year after that I again visited California, this time to be certified as a master practitioner by Richard Bandler (The other major co-founder of NLP), and also to partake in a short course module with him about how to teach NLP to others.

To me it was important to have this background and insight into the NLP and the training methods of the two major co-founders of NLP, simply because it placed me in a position where I could make informed choices about my further studies in NLP.

Later on Dr John Grinder started giving trainings in the UK and I started visiting London to continue the development of my understanding of the field. And eventually I became a certified trainer of NLP by Dr John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. Since then I also went on to assist during trainers trainings and hence to take part in the evaluation process of who was to become a trainer and who wasn’t.

I am also the creator of the NLP new code game popularly known as “the arrows game”.
I deliver NLP courses in Sweden as well as teaching advanced NLP patterning short courses.
When I teach people NLP I much prefer not to talk about all the incredible things you can accomplish with NLP until after you have experienced them and performed them yourself – then, and only then, it is valuable to have a chat about it and how they may be useful in your life.

I am an effective trainer of NLP. I know this to be the case not only because people who have taken part in my trainings provide me with reports of their successes when applying the techniques to transform personal and professional situations, but also because I have personally witnessed how well they are able to use NLP. It is not so much that I teach or train my students as it is that they discover and learn (my job is of course to provide the context in which they learn). The secret to being a good NLP trainer is simply this; to have amazing students.

I am forever curious and interested in deepening my understanding of the human mind, how we experience the world we live in, and the processes of change, as well as developing my ways of assisting others in acquiring and developing these skills.

So I also have a number of other interests and experiences which have deepened my understanding of NLP. I have been practicing Tai Chi for 12 years and this has enhanced my understanding of how humans learn and how the mind-body system interacts. I am also a longtime student of the Feldenkrais method. I have worked as a programmer and studied the cybernetic thinking of Gregory Bateson, the mentor of Grinder and Bandler.